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Laparoscopic Appenticitis Treatment in Madurai

What is an Appendix ?

There is a joining portion for the large intestine and small intestine. Near to this area, there is a tube like structure , which is of 4 inches length. This is known as appendix.

What is Appendicitis ?

Appendicitis is a medical term and it is considered to be a diseased condition. This is caused by the swelling of the tube like appendix.

Symptoms of Appendicitis : 

The most common symptoms of appendicitis are

  • Pain in the abdominal area.
  • Tendency for nausea or vomiting.
  • Loss of weight.
  • Fever.
  • Swelling in the abdominal area.

What is the Need for Urgent Appendicitis Treatment ?

When not treated at its early stage, this swelling of appendix will increase considerably and will cause appendix to rapture which can even lead to the death of the patient. Because of this reason, the appendicitis treatment should not be delayed and the only way to get rid of appendicitis is the removal of appendix through a surgery. There are two ways of removing the appendix. Ie, open surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

In an open surgery, a cut of 6 inches is made in the abdomen and thus the surgery is carried out. This takes much more time for the recovery of patient. After surgery, the patient can only move after 12 hours.

In laparoscopic surgery, only small incisions are made. Three or four incision may be made which is of 1cm. The laparoscope and other instruments, which are used for the surgery is inserted in to the abdomen through these holes. Small camera will be there at the tip of the laparoscopic instrument through which the surgeon will get the clear image of organs in a monitor outside. On looking in to the monitor, the surgeon can carry out the surgery. In this procedure the cut is very small and so fast recovery is possible.

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