Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Rectal Cancer Treatments Tamil Nadu | Colorectal cancer Therapy India

Sphincter Sparing Procedures of Colorectal Cancer


The cells  in the colon or in rectum may grow uncontrolled this is the main reason for colorectal cancer.Colorectal cancer appears in the- age of 50 years, and the proportion of patients who suffer from it rises sharply after that age. Ie, that age is the most important risk factor. 
                     Other risk factors are: a diet rich in protein and fat from animal sources, excess consumption of calories, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. In contrast, the intake of fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber and cellulose (vegetarian carbohydrate compound - Cellulose), in addition to the practice of physical activity - leads to reduce the risk of injury significantly. Meaning it is through lifestyle change can prevent at least 50% of the cases.In a few cases,is a genetic factor most important factor in the progression of the disease.Click here for more details.
                     If Colorectal cancer is found,then come to our hospital for the treatments.In our hospital we use  the advanced technology for this that is called Sphincter Sparing treatments.For more details and for a free online consultation place an  enquiry in our website.Our website is http://www.cancer-treatment-madurai.com/.

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