Thursday, 9 June 2016

Kidney Disease Treatments in Madurai

In this day-today life, human beings are facing different health problems. Kidney related problems include in this. Kidney is one of the essential organ in  human body. And everyone must aware about different treatments for kidney. 

What is Nephrology???

It is the branch of medicine which deals with the study of normal kidney function. Nephrology involves treatment and diagnosis of kidney disease. Many Kidney issues needs the nephrology treatment. For various reasons like kidney stones, acute kidney failure the patients are referred to nephrologist after urinalysis.

Many has the doubt about the hospital’s which provides comprehensive care and new technology. Don't stuck in your doubt. Guru Multispeciality Hospital is the best choice for it. Hospital's nephrology department has a prominent team of urologists, kidney transplant specialists, nephrologists. This team diagnoses  stone disease, hereditary illness and poisons. Thus Guru hospital provides best Kidney Disease Treatments in Madurai.

Our Nephrology Services :-

  • Evaluation of complex renal problems
  • Diagnostic renal biopsy
  • Acute hemodialysis and ultrafiltration

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